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The Organic Undergrad is back… and Newly Wed!

July 21, 2011


Hello all! I realize it has been entirely too long since I’ve posted anything, let alone recipes. Well, I am back, newly wed, and still unpacking. The focus of this blog is still going to be my efforts to cook affordable meals that are healthy and generally college accessible (as I am still in college and am still tired of mac and cheese, ramen, and pasta). I am adding to my blog as well, however. I will also be journaling my attempts to get the apartment completely clean and organized before class starts in a month, all of course on a budget that is barely existent– I don’t have a job. Its going to be fun, so stay tuned! I’m trying my luck at baking some bread today. New post about this coming soon!


Wild Blueberry and Peach Pie with Pecan Crumb Topping

September 5, 2010

I made a pie. Definitely didn’t make up the recipe or anything fun like that. The recipe is straight from the beautiful book, Pie: 300 Tried and True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie by Ken Haedrich. I’m not going to post the recipe for fear of infringing on copyright, but I will post pictures and tell you that it is absolutely delicious! 🙂 I used my new Emile Henry artisan pie dish and it is a-mazing! I highly recommend this book for pie recipes and very good instruction, the author has obviously made every single recipe in their kitchen and knows how to do it best.

Yogurt and Cooked Vegetables Experiment

July 6, 2010

I’ve moved into my new apartment, and I’m back to cooking-on-my-own. I don’t have school right now, however, so I have a little more free time to try something creative. Not to say that this is totally creative, but I’ve never tried it before, so there we go.

Initial Ingredients: yellow squash, zucchini

First, I chopped them up.

Then I put them in a small casserole dish.

Then I added black pepper and drizzled honey onto them.

Thinking it might be delicious, I added some sweet curry into the mix.

I put on the lid, and put the entire thing into the oven at about 300 degrees.

Maybe I shouldn’t have put on the lid. I dunno. Anyways, I put them in there for maybe 10 minutes or 15. Honestly, this varies. I’m not sure I cooked them long enough.

I took’em out, tasted one, and decided that goat cheese would go smashingly on them to lighten up the amount of curry I used.

After trying that out, I thought that plain organic yogurt with honey would be a good little addition on the side, a way to sort of cool down and sooth after a few bites (the pepper and curry were a little spicy by the end)

And, to my happiness, it worked!

So I ended up with a pretty delicious meal, that I wish I had added some french bread to.

Non-Dairy, No Sugar, Delicious Banana Ice Cream

June 23, 2010

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? An ice cream that has no dairy, no sugar, is totally healthy and guilt-free? Well it’s not technically ice cream. But it tastes just like it and is completely healthy for you.

The secret: frozen bananas. So simple.

All this is is frozen bananas, blended.

How you do it:

– peel very ripe bananas (about as ripe as you can get them) and put them into plastic bags, then freeze them.

– once they’re frozen, use the blender to slowly blend them into an ice cream. (it’ll take some finesse, but isn’t hard). We used 5 bananas and made a rather decent amount.

So calorie-wise all you’re eating is a banana with its natural sugars, nothing added. But it tastes like sugar and milk was added. (So for all you lactose-intolerant people out there who want a quick summer snack–here you go!)

And for added enjoyment, try adding a touch of honey and cinnamon. (:

Preparing for Horn Island

May 24, 2010

I’m going to Horn Island, off the coast of Mississippi for a week with a group from Memphis College of Art, and I am PUMPED! I finished packing my pack tonight. It looks really good, it’s well packed, and I tried putting it on and it was immediately like an ab work out.

I weighed it, and I think it’s about 45 pounds. Either way, Maybe I’ll re-arrange the camelbak so it’s not quite making me want to fall backwards.

So the point of all of this is to say, that I’m going to be on an island in the gulf of mexico till June 6th, so I won’t be able to post any new things.

If you’re curious about my diet on the island, I can’t say it’s remarkable in any way. I plan on eating a lot of oatmeal, ramen, and bagels. (You do what you can with zero amenities). Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! I hope the oil doesn’t make it to us while we’re there…!

Quick and Easy Smoothie

May 21, 2010

When I think of summer, I automatically start tasting smoothies and smelling fresh air. I went to the beach one summer and there was a local smoothie shop with cheap smoothies and me and my friend would end up getting probably two every day and it was awesome.

So I go online and start looking for smoothie recipes when I come home, and all I find are ones suggesting yogurt bases. Most smoothie places I’ve seen don’t have yogurt bases. (They tend to have powder bases which I can only assume is a mixture of sugar and milk or something along those lines) So instead of buying the surprisingly expensive mixes from the store, the kind that only make two and cost about as much as those at a shop, I made my own. And it turned out great! It’s so quick and easy, too.

Basically, in a blender I add some strawberries and a banana, sliced, add a splash of orange juice as my base, and then throw in a few ice cubes and blend them. No sugar added (there might be some in the juice, but I feel like milk would also work as a base or any other juice, really.) and totally delicious! What I end up doing most days is just adding any fruit I have available in a moderate amount plus some fruit juice for the liquid base and pureeing it. I love the addition of mango, or blueberries… anything, really! Just remember, if you add citrusy fruits, I wouldn’t add any milk products because the milk will curdle.

I like to drink this for breakfast or as a snack after a run. A great way to quickly get over a serving of fruit in! (I’m working on coming up with a concoction that will include some well masked veggies. We’ll see…!)

Avocado and Strawberry Salad

May 20, 2010

Well, finals week is over and I’m finally home from my freshman year of college. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I won’t continue to try and eat healthfully! Finals week was a big blow on my diet. It was hard to find foods to eat that were quick and filling, coupled with my packing up of all my kitchen stuff,resulting in me having nothing to prepare food with, so I ate out a lot. I plan on brainstorming however, and coming up with some tasty and very quick recipes to help get through those midterms and finals for next semester. Plus, I’m going to try and get some ideas together for those of you who live in a dorm situation and only have a sink, microwave, and possibly mini fridge. Now, on to the recipe…

Avocado and Strawberry Salad

– one medium avocado, sliced
– five medium strawberries, sliced
– couple pinches of craisins
– tbsp of brianna’s blush wine vinaigrette (I just used it because it said it was good with strawberries. Basically any vinaigrette will work, of course. I’m just working with what my mom has in the fridge now)

and that’s it! Of course you could add goat cheese, or any number of other assortments. Add some fresh spinach and you got an even better salad! Just from what I named it ends up being about 350 calories, maybe more maybe less depending on how much of what you add in.

Basically, you might not think avocado would go with strawberries, but it is actually pretty darn good. It’s a great summertime dish!