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Non-Dairy, No Sugar, Delicious Banana Ice Cream

June 23, 2010

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? An ice cream that has no dairy, no sugar, is totally healthy and guilt-free? Well it’s not technically ice cream. But it tastes just like it and is completely healthy for you.

The secret: frozen bananas. So simple.

All this is is frozen bananas, blended.

How you do it:

– peel very ripe bananas (about as ripe as you can get them) and put them into plastic bags, then freeze them.

– once they’re frozen, use the blender to slowly blend them into an ice cream. (it’ll take some finesse, but isn’t hard). We used 5 bananas and made a rather decent amount.

So calorie-wise all you’re eating is a banana with its natural sugars, nothing added. But it tastes like sugar and milk was added. (So for all you lactose-intolerant people out there who want a quick summer snack–here you go!)

And for added enjoyment, try adding a touch of honey and cinnamon. (:

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