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Quick and Easy Smoothie

May 21, 2010

When I think of summer, I automatically start tasting smoothies and smelling fresh air. I went to the beach one summer and there was a local smoothie shop with cheap smoothies and me and my friend would end up getting probably two every day and it was awesome.

So I go online and start looking for smoothie recipes when I come home, and all I find are ones suggesting yogurt bases. Most smoothie places I’ve seen don’t have yogurt bases. (They tend to have powder bases which I can only assume is a mixture of sugar and milk or something along those lines) So instead of buying the surprisingly expensive mixes from the store, the kind that only make two and cost about as much as those at a shop, I made my own. And it turned out great! It’s so quick and easy, too.

Basically, in a blender I add some strawberries and a banana, sliced, add a splash of orange juice as my base, and then throw in a few ice cubes and blend them. No sugar added (there might be some in the juice, but I feel like milk would also work as a base or any other juice, really.) and totally delicious! What I end up doing most days is just adding any fruit I have available in a moderate amount plus some fruit juice for the liquid base and pureeing it. I love the addition of mango, or blueberries… anything, really! Just remember, if you add citrusy fruits, I wouldn’t add any milk products because the milk will curdle.

I like to drink this for breakfast or as a snack after a run. A great way to quickly get over a serving of fruit in! (I’m working on coming up with a concoction that will include some well masked veggies. We’ll see…!)

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