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The Need-to-Buy-Groceries Sandwich

April 11, 2010

I feel like my diet always gets more creative towards the end of the week. I’ve typically run out of my favored items, and have to start coming up with new combinations of food to still satisfy my hunger.

Normally, exit avocado and tomato. Enter hummus.

Okay, I technically had avocado and tomato this week by the end, but normally I don’t. And actually, you’ll see them on this sandwich poking out. Still. I just added them to my “I’m out of ingredients” sandwich, making it still all-too-tasty.

What this sandwich is:

organic 9-grain bread
organic colby jack cheese, sliced
one free-range brown egg, over easy
sliced roma tomato
sliced avocado
and on the opposite slice of bread, a spread of hummus.

So I assembled my ingredients, let the egg cook on low, and then sliced stuff. Flip my egg, salt it, and then assemble the sandwich while its finishing frying. Layering-wise, I think I did (from bottom to top) cheese, egg, tomato, avocado, hummus.

It sounds kinda strange. But it was delicious. The egg offered a refreshingly salty taste plus protein, not to mention the hummus. So all together I got a small serving of dairy, two servings of grain, a serving of veggies, and some protein. And then added to the side I had an organic honey tangerine and some organic red grapes. Which gives me about two servings of fruit. A pretty balanced meal, I’d say, and filling at that.

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  1. Mama B permalink
    April 11, 2010 4:13 pm

    Well i wouldn’t have thought of the hummus or tomato or avocado on an egg sandwich, but now that you have mentioned it, it sounds pretty interesting and yummy.

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